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ACETAMIPRID 20%SL | Saver Enterpries



ACETAMIPRID 20%SP Acetamiprid is a new selective discovery according to advance demands for control of harmful pests of cotton. It is a contactual, engulfing and systemic rapid action pesticide which badly effects the nervous system of pests and causes death. Due to its rapid action, whitefly and other sap sucking pests begin to be killed and destruction of crops stops.

Crop Pests/Weeds/Diseases Usage/Acre Instructions
Cotton Whitefly(adult, eggs, nymphs), Aphids Thrips, Jassid 125 ml
Vegetables Whitefly, Aphids, Thrips, Diamond Back Moth 125 ml
Gardens Leaf Hopper, Leaf Miners 100 ml in 100 lit water
Tobacco Tobacco Sap Suckings 125 ml

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