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Farmers advised to sow certified varieties of paddy

ISLAMABAD – Punjab agriculture department has advised the farmers to sow certified varieties of paddy for getting maximum yield.The spokesman of the department Najaf Abbas said that the certified varieties of paddy include KS-282, ARI 9, ARI 6, and Nayyab 2013 while Basmati varieties include Super basmati, Basmati 515..

Punjab approves act to protect farmers

LAHORE: The Punjab Assembly has approved Punjab Agriculture Markets Regulatory Authority Act (PAMRA), which will replace the decades-old existing system in the province.Agriculture Punjab Secretary Muhammad Mahmood has said that the previous law was very restrictive and discouraged competition...

Fertiliser sales stay robust as farmers plant crops

Sales of fertilisers, mainly urea, remained robust in April when farmers planted Kharif crops like cotton and rice and prepared for the second round of sugarcane crop.“As per data released by the National Fertiliser Development Centre (NFDC), during April 2018 total fertiliser off-take showed a strong growth of 27% year-on-year to 558,000 tons primarily due to heavy urea off-take (375,000 tons),” Taurus Securities’ analyst Waqas Ahmed said in a brief comment..

Wheat procurement campaign continues in Punjab

FAISALABAD/MIANWALI (APP): Wheat procurement campaign is continuing successfully in Punjab. Food department in Faisalabad said that it has achieved 43.55 percent wheat procurement target so far by purchasing 2,327,902 bags of wheat during recent drive in Faisalabad division.A spokesman of Food department said here on Friday that 3,637,979 bags of bardana were distributed among the growers, which is equal to 68.06 percent of the target set for the purpose..

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FRUIT FLY- A Serious Insect Pest of Horticultural Crops in Pakistan

Fruit fly is a serious pest of fruits and vegetables in Pakistan. It causes intensive fruit losses from 50 to 90 % (Fig: 1). Mango, guava, citrus, ber, melon and cucurbits are mainly effected by it. Quality of fruits, financial losses, health problems and quarantine risk are caused by its attack. Prominent species found in Pakistan are Bactrocera zonata, B. dorsalis, B. cucurbitae, Dacus ciliates and Carpomya vesuviana.

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