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Category - Micro Nutrients


Packing - 4Ltr , 8Ltr , 20Ltr , 30Ltr
Actives - Humic Acid 100GM/1000ML (10% w/v) Potash 35GM/1000ML (3.5% w/v)


PURE HUMUS Soil Conditioner This a soil conditioner which increases production up to 10%. It contains Humic Acid and Potassium. It is not a substitute of Fertilizer.

Crop Pests/Weeds/Diseases Usage/Acre Instructions
Wheat N/A 10 lit In Flooding
Rice N/A 10 lit Mix in stagnant water after 30-40 days
Cotton N/A 10 lit On 2nd irrigation after germination
Sugarcane N/A 10 lit One time after soil tucking, 2nd time at 3ft growth
Orchards N/A 70-100 ml/plant With irrigation after docking or in stagnant water. Using after fertilizers will increase the utility of fertilizers.
Potato N/A 10 lit On 1st irrigation
Vegetables N/A 10 lit Use with 1st & 2nd irrigation, use instant after fertilizers.
Maize N/A 10 lit Use with 1st & 2nd irrigation

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