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Category - Fungicides


Packing - 300ML
Actives - Pyraclostrobin = 100 g/lit (9.15% w/w) + Tabuconazole = 200 g/lit (18.30% w/w)


New, latest and broad-spectrum fungicide. It protects the old foliage and the new as well due to its unique way of action against fungi. It is a mixture of pyraclostrobin and tabuconazole fungicides making the most effective fungicide against fungi spores, stolons and mycelium as well. It has the ability to control fungus attack at all levels. Very effective against rusts, smuts, bunts, blights and powdry mildew.

Crop Pests/Weeds/Diseases Usage/Acre Instructions
Apple Powdry mildew and leaf spot 200 ml Best coverage ensures the 100% results

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