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Category - Micro Nutrients


Packing - 1KG
Actives - Nitrogen (10% W/W) Phosphorus(2% W/W) Potash (42% W/W)


Nitrogen in the Sniper increases the growth of the plants.Sniper is suitable for gardening.The phosphorus root of the Sniper ensures the release of acid. The potassium fruit contained in the Sniper improves the growth of the Fruit,Flower and Seed.

Crop Pests/Weeds/Diseases Usage/Acre Instructions
Rice,Wheat etc.. N/A 1-2KG The time when corn become green
Cotton N/A 1-2KG Before becoming flower,After becoming flower
Sugercane N/A 3-4KG 25-30 days after growing and 50-60 days after growing.
Corn N/A 1-2KG The time when corn become green.
Gardens N/A 4-5KG Before becoming fruit and After breaking the fruit
Vegetables N/A 1-2KG Use after 20 days of growing.

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