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PENDIMETHALIN 33%EC Pendimethalin is wide rang selective weedicide which eliminates selected weeds effectively. It eliminates grass like and broadleaf weeds which grows from seeds in Fields and Orchards before their germination.

Crop Pests/Weeds/Diseases Usage/Acre Instructions
Cotton Grass like & Broadleaf Weeds 1000-1200 ml Follow the methods mentioned below. Method 1. Spray the Pendimethalin in field before rouni and irrigate shortly. Or Method 2. Spray Pendimethalin in re-moisturizing of the soil with sprayer after rouni and cultivate Cotton crop after preparing field for sowing. OR Prepare field for sowing by specific methods after rouni and spray Pendimethalin before serving last planking and then sow by using leveller with cultivator. Method 3. If cotton is cultivated on ridges then irrigate after sowing then spray Pendimethalin in wet-field conditions.

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