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Category - Weedicides


Packing - 350ML
Actives - Fluroxypyr Meptyl =120 G/L (11% w/w) Florasulam = 4 G/L (0.35% w/w) Mcpa Isooctyl = 356 G/L (32.60% w/w)


KICK 48%SC Kick is a mixture of three weedicides which successively controls the broadleaf weeds found in Wheat by absorbing through leaves, stem and roots. Along with this, it controls other weeds (field binweed, creeping thistle, spiney socothisle) for a long time in wheat which escapes from other weedicides.

Crop Pests/Weeds/Diseases Usage/Acre Instructions
Wheat Broadleaf Weeds 300-350 ml N/A

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Kick 48% SC k istemal sey hua sari Jaribotiyon ka Safaya.Shukriya Saver

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