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Category - Weedicides


Packing - 160GM
Actives - Clodinafop-Propargyl 150 gm/Kg(15%w/w)


Clodinafop is for Wild Oat, Bird’s Seed Grass and other Grass like weeds which harms wheat crop and reduce production. Clodinfop Propargyl is a wide range and very effective weedicide which eliminates grown weeds effectively and its Chloquintoset Methyl protects Wheat crop from harmful effects.

Crop Pests/Weeds/Diseases Usage/Acre Instructions
N/A Wild Oat, Bird’s Seed Grass & Other Grass Like Weeds 120gm PROPORTION OF WATER FOR SPRAY(LIT/AC) [Knapsack Sprayer : 100-120 Lit/Ac] OR [Tractor Boom Sprayer : 125-150 Lit/Ac ]

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