Category - Insecticides


Packing - 200 GM
Actives -


TRIAZOPHOS 40%EC Triazophos belongs to Organophosphate (OP) group and affects by contact and ingestion. Being absorbent, has long lasting effect. Extremely effective for sap sucking bugs and bollworm of different crops especially Cotton. It is also very effective for eradication of mites and its eggs.

Crop Pests/Weeds/Diseases Usage/Acre Instructions
Cotton Heliothis, Army, Pink Bollworm, Whitefly and Jassid 1000 ml N/A
Maize Borers, Shoot Fly 1000 ml N/A
Rice Stem Bollworm and Leaf Wrapping Bollworm 800-1000 ml N/A
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